Mushira Gabra

Dr Ahmed is an excellent professional surgeon
He is highly respectful and treats his patients with the utmost care

Eslam Salah El Deen

One of the best doctors i have ever seen in my life

Engy Namek

I am in the mid of my third week since the day of my gastric sleeve surgery, so first things first.. It is not as painful as I thought it will be, most likely not at all painful which is really a good thing considering it is a surgery that can go wrong in so many ways. Dr. Ahmed has been very decent and helpful throughout the whole process since day one. He is one of the rarest doctors that actually answers the patient concerns and questions after the surgery on what'sapp and phone calls himself , no assistant doctors included, very honest and caring as well and not at all about the money. Bdayat Hospital is clean with a very nice nursing team that makes life a lot easier. Till now I lost 7 kilos no pain or nausea included, a little dizziness but nothing I can't handle. I really recommend Dr. Ahmed to people who are thinking about doing it.

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