Welcome to Egypt without obesity

Because obesity affects your life in general and your health in particular and because Dr. Ahmed El Masry believes that the basis of enjoying life is to enjoy good health, He decided to launch the charity campaign "Egypt without obesity", which aims to help over weight patients who can't afford obesity operations.. The campaign is based on the donation of Dr Ahmed's medical team with their complete fees, plus donating Dr Ahmed El Masry with half of the tools used in the campaign operation (By donating 5% of his original operations done). We are looking forward to raise the level of the medical system and to see Egypt, our beloved country, free from obesity.

Our Objective

Launching "Egypt without obesity" charity initiative by Dr. Ahmed El Masry and his medical team aims to carry out obesity surgeries to reduce complications and regain patients their health and activity .. so Dr. Ahmed El Mary, the founder of the campaign, has decided to donate 5% of the fees of all his operations to support the campaign .. He and his team will also waive their fees for all the campaign operations...

Sponsored by Doctor Ahmed El Masry

The launch of Egypt's campaign without obesity under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed El Masry, taking in consideration the economic situation and the over weight patients desire to enjoy a healthy life free from obesity

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